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Your ideal wedding reception
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Your ideal wedding receptionnue
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Your ideal wedding reception
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Your ideal wedding reception
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The Fish House - For Ideal Wedding Receptions Gold Coast

What makes The Fish House the perfect wedding reception location on the Gold Coast?

From the unpretentious bare brick and white plaster exterior to the warm and inviting interior, the venue has a timeless sophistication. Just like the menu, the decor is free of clutter and distractions.

Located opposite the beach, the Fish House offers a spectacular sea view. Burleigh Heads offers some of the best beaches on the Gold coast.

During the day, the emerald tinted ocean shimmers under a perfect azure sky. White-crested waves crash against warm, soft sand.

The cool, salty breeze infuses the dining room with a coastal ambiance and the sound of crashing surf compliments the buzz of conversation.

At dusk, the sun's dying rays tint the sky with fire-opal tints, as the twinkling lights of the Surfers Paradise skyline blink to life.

This perfect environment is what makes the Gold Coast Australia's playground, drawing visitors from all over the world.

In this setting, our attentive staff will make your wedding reception guests feel welcome and relaxed. The venue is spacious, yet intimate.

Our premium seafood menu is simple, delicious, and satisfying. Drawing on the traditions of Southern Europe, we provide a collection of classic Southern European recipes, made with the best ingredients Australia can offer.

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Wedding Receptions Gold Coast

Fine Mediterranean dining calls for the best ingredients. We only cook freshly caught fish, and we have very precise standards. Our fish is flown in daily from all over Australia and New Zealand, to provide an experience that cannot be matched anywhere else on the Gold Coast. Our coldroom window is visible from the dining room, so you can see the catch of the day before we prepare it for you.

Our 260 bottle wine cellar boasts an equally impressive collection of fine wines. Our highly trained sommelier team have combed the globe to gather a selection that complements the dining and atmosphere.

Wine is available by the glass or bottle, with options for every taste and budget.

The result speaks for itself. The Fish House is a 2 hat restaurant, since opening The Fish House has collected prestigious awards from Gourmet Traveller, the Weekend Australian, Taste magazine, and the Brisbane news, to name a few.

Our founder's philosophy has always to provide the best in authentic dining. Many Gold Coast establishments rely on the ever-changing supply of tourists to turn their trade. The Fish House attracts locals and visitors alike, and people come from all over Australia for the experience.

One of our core values is in attention to detail. We realize it takes planning and care to make a function run smoothly. Each wedding reception guest brings their own expectations and special requirements.

In order to provide a high level of service to events and wedding reception bookings, we are currently limiting the number of bookings to one a month. That way, you can be assured we will dedicate the time and effort to make your wedding reception special.

For all these reasons, we are certain that The Fish House is the ideal wedding reception gold coast location. 

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